The Oscars: Top 5 Favourites


There were a lot of fashion lows of the night, but these girls did it right:
(please note the men of the Oscars are not included in this list, well because, it is much more stressful for the starlets to get ready for the Oscars, than the already damper men. Also girls run the world)

Anne Hathaway:
Can we all just be honest with ourselves for a second and admit that Anne looked amazing. The flush Prada dress complimented her skin tone, and minus the nippilities-or lining?, she looked fantastic. We need to back off Anne and get over our jealously. That is all

Charlize Theron:
This Dior dress definitely complimented all the right places for Chalize. Oscar appropriate, fashionable, simple and sleek. In all I’d say she did a fantastic job. (or rather her stylist did a fantastic job)

Zoe Saldana:
This actually may be my favourite dress of the evening. Form fitting, simple, with a touch of elegance. Although Zoe didn’t actually win an Oscar last night, this dress should definitely win an Oscar (is it possible for an outfit to win an Oscar, because it should, can it should be a new category?)

Adele isn’t necessarily a fashion icon, but the only reason I’ve included her on this list is because I love how she doesn’t give a s#$t about anything. “Fank you, I have swooped the Grammys, and now am after the Oscars” She is who she is and doesn’t let Hollywood bring her down. Adele feels how she feels when she wants to feel it. I love you Adele.

Salma Hayek:
And last but not least, Salma Hayek. Although she was put on many worst dressed lists, I loved the elegance of the form fitting black dress with the added piece of glamor around her neck. Don’t let them get you down Salma!Image


I Want American Netflix, and I Want It Now.



I love Canada. A land where citizens have the right to freedom of religion, freedom of speech, gay marriage, and where women are allowed to vote. The only downside I see in Canada as a country, is the fact that it does not have access to American Netflix. In case you were on Oceanic flight 815 (I’ve been watching a lot of Lost on Netflix recently), Netflix is a site for streaming TV shows, movies, and even a few Netflix exclusive episodes, all for the price of $8 a month.  When the whole ‘SOPA’ (Stop Online Piracy Act) decided to actually practice what they preached, I was numbed by the idea that the end of an era was near. An era of watching and streaming all my favourite TV shows online at the click of a button would be no more. SOPA closed down the main video streaming site, MegaVideo, a dear friend of mine in which I mourned for, along with several of its’ sister sites.

But then Netflix came along, and all of a sudden the numbness in my body dissolved. I was once again allowed to stream videos and movies, and this time I didn’t have to feel guilty about it. No more guilt, no more shame, and so much variety with no risk of viruses! And then I realized that Canada was being cheated and deceived! It wasn’t a majestical place anymore, because I had made an alternate discovery, American Netflix. In case you are unaware, American Netflix has a much larger and current database of variety. It’s actually shocking how much better the American Netflix is in comparison to the Canadian Netflix. From the latest Girls episode, to the classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s, it’s all there. It was, and still is, a much happier, majestic place for me, but because I live in Canada, literally right above the United States, I am not allowed to indulge in such a land of fantasy.

Ever since I have become aware of this dream land, I have not been able to release the rage constantly growing inside of me. WHY CANADA? Why must a country that literally shares a border with the United States be punished in such a way. What did we do wrong? Did we not help them fight a war? Or reject their Trenta sized cups? Or did we refuse to allow Olive Garden into our home and native land? (but seriously why do their bread sticks get so hard so fast..) I’m not sure what we did, but whatever it was, it must have been real bad. What can we do American to regain your trust, to be allowed what you call Netflix into our country? I will stop at nothing. I will get petitions signed, and rally at the White House. I will buy only American products, and pledge allegiance. Whatever it takes, I know we can make it through. Until you come to your senses America, I will demand justice and will refuse to stay deprived with my Canadian Netflix, and will wait for as long as I have to for the day where I am able to watch Girls, Homeland, and Downton Abbey on demand.

Revenge Of The Nerds


Glasses are just as important an accessory as a purse, a statement necklace, or an arm party. They are most likely the first thing people see when they first meet you, and can be the last thing they remember you by. I have worn glasses since I was about ten years old. Later in life I decided to switch to contacts to let others experience the wonders of my face — which at that point in my life included a unibrow, much in resemblance to Frida Kahlo, and a mouth full of metal; but it was not until after five years of solely wearing contacts did I decide I wanted to give glasses another try.

When picking out my glasses, I went in knowing exactly what I wanted: huge, overbearing glasses that were far too big for my face. The conversation around choosing the pair that I currently own, went a little something like this:
My sassy 14-year-old sister: ‘OMG! You look…so…ugly. I can’t let you buy those.’
My Dad: ‘You kind of look like a librarian..’
And in that moment I knew I had found the perfect pair; massively oversized, circular lenses, in a tortoise colouring, I looked like an elderly librarian in glasses designed for men. A dream come true.

But not everyone goes into the process of choosing glasses knowing exactly what they want. Actually, it can be quite frustrating sifting through the various types of frames. There is such a wide variety and selection offered nowadays that is can become super overwhelming.
Glasses sure have come a long way, and certainly aren’t as taboo as they used to be. Opinions on geeky specks are now seen through rose-coloured glasses; even those jerks who used to call me four eyes in middle school now walk around with lensless frames.  Glasses have been around for a while, but almost out of nowhere have become the newest, chicest accessory in town.

Warby Parker, EyeGoodies, Urban Spectacles, and Eye Bobs, have become only a few of amongst many brands of eyewear that have become the mecca of eccentric, “hipster” glasses, moving past the iconic geeky vibe to become the hippest new fashion statement. We are now in an era that has moved from wearing frames that were once meant to deflect attention, to frames that are a “look at me” staple.

Although glasses can certainly be a pain, by choosing the right frame, this once denounced misfortune can turn this accessory into an everyday fashion must. If you’ve been prescribed glasses, you’ve been blessed – making some curse their perfect 20/20 vision. I am thankful for my ever so blurry vision, and that I am able to participate in the trend with the real deal.

My Strange Addiction: Shoppers Drug Mart’s Lipstick Aisle


I have recently picked up a bad habit of walking into Shoppers, inadvertently doing my make-up and then walking out without purchasing any of it. There is something so exhilarating about walking through the sliding doors into the wonderful world we Canadians call Shoppers Drug Mart, and walking out with a fresh new face.
I realize this habit is not exactly healthy, and maybe illegal(?), but I’d like to think it’s better than being a hoarder or indulging in other vices.

A big reason as to why I don’t actually end up buying most of the products I try on is because well, they tend to be super expensive and I’m a student. I also don’t actually know how to apply makeup, and my make-up routine consists of applying a little bit of foundation to my acne prone face, and onto the bags under my eyes.

After months of this guilty pleasure, what stands out above the rest are the lipsticks.  Although in my daily routine, I don’t actually wear lipstick, it has become one of my favourite things to try on, and something that I actually may end up splurging on. If you’re going to wear any make up, it should be lipstick. It’s just so easy: to not put on mascara or of eye shadow and to smear on some lip stick – to just get up and go, while still looking like you made an effort. Besides the obvious red, there is a world of lipstick that I was not aware of until browsing the aisles: orange, pink, purple, black, burgundy, lilac – it all exists.

After trying on fifty shades of pink, I now constantly have the urge to find a way to incorporate into my daily routine. Lipstick gives you the ability to match the colour schemes of whatever outfit you’re wearing in order to spice it up. On a recent episode of the Kardashian’s, Khloe paired a deep burgundy lipstick with a very basic outfit, but the lipstick made her look far more glam. It added a perfect twist to the understated ensemble. Khloe Kardashian isn’t the only one to experiment with unconventional shades of lipsticks, Kourtney Kardashian wears bright pink lips all the time, and Kim has been seen to wear orange lipstick.

By scrounging the lipstick aisle of Shoppers, I can safely say that lipstick is just as much a staple as a key statement piece in a wardrobe. Bright lips add a pop of colour, as well as a pop of adventure to your outfit. It makes you feel more confident, and can make a drab outfit something spectacular. Whether you are a total tomboy or love being pretty in pink, a brilliant lipstick has the potential to punch up any look you’re planning. If you’re still hesitant to take on this look so suddenly, I highly suggest taking a trip to Shoppers