I Want American Netflix, and I Want It Now.



I love Canada. A land where citizens have the right to freedom of religion, freedom of speech, gay marriage, and where women are allowed to vote. The only downside I see in Canada as a country, is the fact that it does not have access to American Netflix. In case you were on Oceanic flight 815 (I’ve been watching a lot of Lost on Netflix recently), Netflix is a site for streaming TV shows, movies, and even a few Netflix exclusive episodes, all for the price of $8 a month.  When the whole ‘SOPA’ (Stop Online Piracy Act) decided to actually practice what they preached, I was numbed by the idea that the end of an era was near. An era of watching and streaming all my favourite TV shows online at the click of a button would be no more. SOPA closed down the main video streaming site, MegaVideo, a dear friend of mine in which I mourned for, along with several of its’ sister sites.

But then Netflix came along, and all of a sudden the numbness in my body dissolved. I was once again allowed to stream videos and movies, and this time I didn’t have to feel guilty about it. No more guilt, no more shame, and so much variety with no risk of viruses! And then I realized that Canada was being cheated and deceived! It wasn’t a majestical place anymore, because I had made an alternate discovery, American Netflix. In case you are unaware, American Netflix has a much larger and current database of variety. It’s actually shocking how much better the American Netflix is in comparison to the Canadian Netflix. From the latest Girls episode, to the classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s, it’s all there. It was, and still is, a much happier, majestic place for me, but because I live in Canada, literally right above the United States, I am not allowed to indulge in such a land of fantasy.

Ever since I have become aware of this dream land, I have not been able to release the rage constantly growing inside of me. WHY CANADA? Why must a country that literally shares a border with the United States be punished in such a way. What did we do wrong? Did we not help them fight a war? Or reject their Trenta sized cups? Or did we refuse to allow Olive Garden into our home and native land? (but seriously why do their bread sticks get so hard so fast..) I’m not sure what we did, but whatever it was, it must have been real bad. What can we do American to regain your trust, to be allowed what you call Netflix into our country? I will stop at nothing. I will get petitions signed, and rally at the White House. I will buy only American products, and pledge allegiance. Whatever it takes, I know we can make it through. Until you come to your senses America, I will demand justice and will refuse to stay deprived with my Canadian Netflix, and will wait for as long as I have to for the day where I am able to watch Girls, Homeland, and Downton Abbey on demand.


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