Revenge Of The Nerds


Glasses are just as important an accessory as a purse, a statement necklace, or an arm party. They are most likely the first thing people see when they first meet you, and can be the last thing they remember you by. I have worn glasses since I was about ten years old. Later in life I decided to switch to contacts to let others experience the wonders of my face — which at that point in my life included a unibrow, much in resemblance to Frida Kahlo, and a mouth full of metal; but it was not until after five years of solely wearing contacts did I decide I wanted to give glasses another try.

When picking out my glasses, I went in knowing exactly what I wanted: huge, overbearing glasses that were far too big for my face. The conversation around choosing the pair that I currently own, went a little something like this:
My sassy 14-year-old sister: ‘OMG! You look…so…ugly. I can’t let you buy those.’
My Dad: ‘You kind of look like a librarian..’
And in that moment I knew I had found the perfect pair; massively oversized, circular lenses, in a tortoise colouring, I looked like an elderly librarian in glasses designed for men. A dream come true.

But not everyone goes into the process of choosing glasses knowing exactly what they want. Actually, it can be quite frustrating sifting through the various types of frames. There is such a wide variety and selection offered nowadays that is can become super overwhelming.
Glasses sure have come a long way, and certainly aren’t as taboo as they used to be. Opinions on geeky specks are now seen through rose-coloured glasses; even those jerks who used to call me four eyes in middle school now walk around with lensless frames.  Glasses have been around for a while, but almost out of nowhere have become the newest, chicest accessory in town.

Warby Parker, EyeGoodies, Urban Spectacles, and Eye Bobs, have become only a few of amongst many brands of eyewear that have become the mecca of eccentric, “hipster” glasses, moving past the iconic geeky vibe to become the hippest new fashion statement. We are now in an era that has moved from wearing frames that were once meant to deflect attention, to frames that are a “look at me” staple.

Although glasses can certainly be a pain, by choosing the right frame, this once denounced misfortune can turn this accessory into an everyday fashion must. If you’ve been prescribed glasses, you’ve been blessed – making some curse their perfect 20/20 vision. I am thankful for my ever so blurry vision, and that I am able to participate in the trend with the real deal.


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