The Oscars: Top 5 Favourites


There were a lot of fashion lows of the night, but these girls did it right:
(please note the men of the Oscars are not included in this list, well because, it is much more stressful for the starlets to get ready for the Oscars, than the already damper men. Also girls run the world)

Anne Hathaway:
Can we all just be honest with ourselves for a second and admit that Anne looked amazing. The flush Prada dress complimented her skin tone, and minus the nippilities-or lining?, she looked fantastic. We need to back off Anne and get over our jealously. That is all

Charlize Theron:
This Dior dress definitely complimented all the right places for Chalize. Oscar appropriate, fashionable, simple and sleek. In all I’d say she did a fantastic job. (or rather her stylist did a fantastic job)

Zoe Saldana:
This actually may be my favourite dress of the evening. Form fitting, simple, with a touch of elegance. Although Zoe didn’t actually win an Oscar last night, this dress should definitely win an Oscar (is it possible for an outfit to win an Oscar, because it should, can it should be a new category?)

Adele isn’t necessarily a fashion icon, but the only reason I’ve included her on this list is because I love how she doesn’t give a s#$t about anything. “Fank you, I have swooped the Grammys, and now am after the Oscars” She is who she is and doesn’t let Hollywood bring her down. Adele feels how she feels when she wants to feel it. I love you Adele.

Salma Hayek:
And last but not least, Salma Hayek. Although she was put on many worst dressed lists, I loved the elegance of the form fitting black dress with the added piece of glamor around her neck. Don’t let them get you down Salma!Image


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